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Name:Warforged Mods

Unto each of you is given a gift;
Unto all of you is given the duty.

Warforged is a wartime game centered around pitting once-friends against each other, in addition to new enemies, all while trying to survive in a land that has known nothing but turmoil since its birth. You fight alongside one of the great Dragonflights native to this world, using the power lent to you in order to tip the scales in your favor.

You find suddenly spirited through the tunnels of time and space to help with the disaster occurring on an alternate timeline of Azeroth, based on the Warcraft series. A distortion in time, no doubt caused by your arrival, has erupted into in-fighting between different draconic factions. As they squabble amongst themselves in a futile effort to regain power stolen from them, the demons of the Burning Legion threaten to erase all sentient life, both in this world and others.

You will empower (and be empowered by) one of the five great Dragonflights of old. You have a choice: fight with your new allies and gain their favor, or trust their own power against the seemingly insurmountable horde of demons ravaging the world. It is clear that, without peace between the flights, the demonic hordes will overrun everyone and destroy Azeroth...perhaps even the rest of the universe. But before that war can be fought, this war must be won. Right now, the dragons guarding this young world need your help to survive as much as you need theirs.

This is Azeroth. Will you accept her and her conflicts, or forsake her and this realm in a mad bid to save your own?

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